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Monday, October 31, 2011

Gray and Beige: My Neutral Obsession

I'm planning on redecorating after Christmas and right now I'm in the 'plan and design' phase. 
I've had a love affair going on with gray my entire life. It's my favorite color for EVERYTHING, literally, especially sweaters, handbags and shoes. My family has always poked fun at me calling me Plain Jane or Boring Betty because I always choose the gray and neutral option. I never considered decorating with these colors though, probably because decor items weren't available in gray. But the rest of the world has finally gotten up to speed with my love and now everyone is 'going gray'. I don't usually like to be the one to follow the crowd, but I consider this my idea to start with (HA!)
I had a bit of trouble choosing my palette at first, but these photos best represent what I'm aiming for:

I'm truly in love with this to the point that I get excited just thinking about seeing the rooms completed. 
I have my bedspread chosen already. Next I'll be working on choosing the paint color. This selection of favorites from  A Perfect Gray  has been more than helpful:

I'm always looking for gray inspiration for both my bedroom and bathroom redesign project and my Greige Pinterest board.  If you've seen any gray 'interestingness' drop me a link.
Happy Creating!

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