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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indoor Activities

Autumn has brought us back indoors again.

My youngest child isn't quite two years old and boy is he a challenge to entertain. I keep looking for toys that will occupy him while I do my housework but nothing seems to hold his interest for long except for the colored pencils. He gets mad because he can't put enough pressure on the pages to get the color to show well, though, and ends up bored with that, too. Then he tries to sneak away to play Picasso on the walls. He'll do THAT all day. Unless he can get near my tripod or camera and he'd rather tear those things up than do anything else EVER. While relaxing on Pinterest  I noticed this image from the Share & Remember blog:

Painted Bread!
Why didn't my parents let me do this? I loved to paint when I was little and even used real paint on rocks {true stuff} but this would have been so fun if only in the winter. It's only milk with food coloring added (and I assume water would work much the same way if your kids have milk allergies). Then toast it to eat. I know my little one is still a bit small to do this without making a mess, but we are going to do it anyway. I'll post pictures once we do.

I'm also going to make a few Water Globes for him to play with. 

The Pink Pistachio blog has a materials list and suggestions for letting baby help make this.
I think with my water crazed baby, he'd likely just cry to be allowed to pour the liquid from one bottle to other, so I'll just fill them myself until he's a bit older.

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