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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Beauty of Friendship

I met one of my high school best friends in Chorus Class. I was a freshman and was painting my nails when a junior girl asked excitedly if she could borrow my polish.  Her name was Melissa and we spent the duration of class exploring the others' makeup bags while we practiced for recital. Neither of us could sing a note so we figured we might as well do something better with our lips than screech -- and the answer was apply lip gloss!
We became immediate friends for life. Melissa was an amazing person. She was the least judgmental individual I have ever known. She was intelligent, funny, loud, unique and caring. So when she passed away earlier this year after 18 years of having her as 'extended family', it shook me. This post and the entire Creating Beauty page of my blog is dedicated to her memory: My Best Friend, my Sephora girl, my Lip Gloss Queen, Melissa. 
Every day when I do my makeup, if she hasn't already crossed my mind, I think of her then when I apply my mascara. I always seem to get it on my eyelids and her favorite remedy for that was always the same quote:

"If you can't fix it with a Q-Tip, you never should have done it in the first place!"
~Melissa Griffith

While we're on the topic of beauty, I love product photography of cosmetics.
This 'Makeup Counter' scene makes me want to go buy myself some new eyeshadow.
Make up

I did recently purchase some new lipstick and lip gloss. I'm all about Nude and natural shades right now. I ran upon two Revlon products I hadn't tried before and I'm impressed with the color of them both.
Revlon Super Lustrous 'Just Enough Buff' 613
Revlon Colorstay Lipglaze 'Timeless Nude' 512

I know Melissa would have loved them too....

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