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We are all always creating something. A life; A home; A career; Dinner. Some of us are creating more: A work of art, a craft, or a blog. The purpose of this blog is to showcase excellence and inspiring ideas for all the things we create. I hope you will be inspired in some way.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Name & New Home For The Blog

I hadn't made it known publicly but I have been planning on moving this blog for several weeks. 
I began blogging on a whim and wasn't sure what direction I was even going in; I was just going with the flow. 

However, after receiving so much support and realizing the interest and need for a blog that serves both inspired individuals and artistic professionals alike, I decided to start fresh and begin anew.
Therefore, I'm tickled pink to announce that today we moved to our new home at The Inspiration Tree.

Anyone who loves to be inspired by both life and the arts will feel right at home so please join me and update your shortcuts. Everything has been moved to the new location and I will soon delete this blog location entirely. 

Whitening My Gray Day

It's a gray day in my part of the world today. Normally I love anything gray.... But not my days. It's just rainy and cold. I wish that if I had to be cold that it would also be pretty outside. Like this perhaps:

Along the Fence

At least I can enjoy Brigitte Smith's lovely scene. Thank you, Brigitte! She has lots of pretty work in her Flickr stream.   Go visit her :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Daniella Tjahjanto

If you are a photographer, artist, designer, professional crafts person or food blogger who would like to have your work featured on this blog
I've just created THIS brand new Flickr group for your submissions. 

I could barely wait to bring you this week's featured artist. I wanted to publish this piece on Sunday!

It's my pleasure to be able to introduce to the work of Daniella Tjahjanto, a photographer from 
Jakarta, Indonesia.  While also being a mother to 4 little girls, Daniella also works from her home studio and on location in her area.

 The first image of hers that I had the opportunity to see was this feminine fine art shot that immediately fell in love with:

I still wasn't prepared though for the immense talent I was yet to observe on her website and Flickr stream.

Daniella is inspired by loving relationships and specializes in family, portrait, maternity and boudoir photography. "All about love", she says.
When I asked her to further elaborate on her sources of inspiration she replied, "I always loved to capture precious moments that happens between a family. Having a child made this feeling stronger ... I tried to capture every single move between us. Someday, we'll grown old and grey, even our memories and mind can leave us alone so photographs are the only proof that the moments actually happened. Love is my biggest inspiration, combined with natural light, it's just perfect!"

She's so right. I always say, "When my memory fades or when I am gone, my photographs will tell you what I can not." 
Daniella's images display that certain "days gone by" atmosphere, glamour and grace that is so difficult to find today. I'm certain you'll enjoy my favorite images from her portfolio. 

Daniella also states that she always encourages women over the age of 35 to participate in a small boudoir session because she personally knows it can be difficult for women to accept that youth is behind them. She says, "I want to show that we can still be as sensual as young ladies."
These selections from the portrait and boudoir section of portfolio are full of both sensuality and taste. 

My two FAVORITE shots are what I'm personally and affectionately calling Daniella's 'RED SIRENS' series.
These are gorgeous!

"Fashion can be bought. Style, one must possess." ~ Daniella Tjahjanto
Daniella, you are a shining example of style.

Please do me a favor and  become a fan of Daniella's brand new Facebook page and tell her how talented she is!  I know she'll be thrilled to hear from you. 

Feature Fridays are dedicated to the works of one talented photographer, artist, designer, crafts person or food blogger. If you (or someone you know) would like to become our next featured artist then submit your examples to THIS brand new Flickr group

~Be Inspired. Be Creative~

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Feature Friday: Artist Andrea McClain

I'm excited to announce our newest section, Feature Friday, where each week a different artist's work will be highlighted. To get us started on the right foot I chose an artist whom is a photographer, professional crafter and a preschool teacher, as well. 

Andrea McClain is an on location photographer serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Many of my favorite images from her possess a soft, romantic and feminine presence but her style appears limitless. She is extremely talented as a newborn, wedding, portrait and even fine art still photographer as you'll see for yourself below.

Create Yourself

Fingers & Toes


Butterfly Show 2011

Brit ~ B&W

The Dress


Frosty Morning


When asked where she finds her creative inspiration Andrea says, "A lot of my inspiration I draw just from life and my surroundings. I love being creative and taking walks through gardens and nature. I grew up with a grandmother who was very creative. There was nothing she couldn't make."
It appears Andrea does quite well making things, too. She has an Etsy store full of hand crocheted infant hats and even diaper covers that make wonderful photography props.
This one is my wintry favorite:


And here's my Valentine's Day pick:

She also has an extensive line of infant headbands that are adorable.
I love this plum and peach one:

I just had to share her newborn 'Apple Pickin' Time Shot, too, to show you how perfectly she blends her craft and photographic talents:
Apple Pickin' Time

You can also visit Andrea's blog, find her on Flickr and also be sure to become a fan on her Facebook Page!