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Friday, January 13, 2012

First Feature Friday: Artist Andrea McClain

I'm excited to announce our newest section, Feature Friday, where each week a different artist's work will be highlighted. To get us started on the right foot I chose an artist whom is a photographer, professional crafter and a preschool teacher, as well. 

Andrea McClain is an on location photographer serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Many of my favorite images from her possess a soft, romantic and feminine presence but her style appears limitless. She is extremely talented as a newborn, wedding, portrait and even fine art still photographer as you'll see for yourself below.

Create Yourself

Fingers & Toes


Butterfly Show 2011

Brit ~ B&W

The Dress


Frosty Morning


When asked where she finds her creative inspiration Andrea says, "A lot of my inspiration I draw just from life and my surroundings. I love being creative and taking walks through gardens and nature. I grew up with a grandmother who was very creative. There was nothing she couldn't make."
It appears Andrea does quite well making things, too. She has an Etsy store full of hand crocheted infant hats and even diaper covers that make wonderful photography props.
This one is my wintry favorite:


And here's my Valentine's Day pick:

She also has an extensive line of infant headbands that are adorable.
I love this plum and peach one:

I just had to share her newborn 'Apple Pickin' Time Shot, too, to show you how perfectly she blends her craft and photographic talents:
Apple Pickin' Time

You can also visit Andrea's blog, find her on Flickr and also be sure to become a fan on her Facebook Page!

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