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We are all always creating something. A life; A home; A career; Dinner. Some of us are creating more: A work of art, a craft, or a blog. The purpose of this blog is to showcase excellence and inspiring ideas for all the things we create. I hope you will be inspired in some way.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

On My Mind

My niece was admitted to the hospital last night for pneumonia. I'm sure she'll be well again in no time, but she's on my mind today. I think I'll go visit and bring a new baby doll with me...


  1. There is something so divine in a child's eyes. Sometimes more than others. This picture of your niece is a perfect example of that divinity shining from within. I think this is one of my favorites. Very nicely captured.

  2. Thank you, Shawn! I do love it, too. She has exquisite eyes; I hope they never change.


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