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Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm definitely not a wedding photographer. I photographed one wedding, for my cousin... that stuff is hard work! You have to be tough and skilled to pull it off on your own, too. I have wild dreams of being a fantastic wedding photographer at some point at life -- but at least for now, that's just a dream.  I did shoot one of my favorite wedding themed photos ever, though. I'm probably just partial to it since it's from my own wedding but I figure that's okay, too.  

Our florist did a magnificent job on all the flowers. This one is a miniature Calla Lilly (my favorite) dyed red to match our color scheme.  I like to muse over the way the rings come together to form the shape of a heart. It looks intentional but, in fact, that was the only way I could keep the rings from falling over. Lucky me! 

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