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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I Usually Forget To Be Thankful For

Our Flickr Group finally has 50 members so I get to assign the first Creative Photo Challenge. Yay!

The topic of the week is "What I Usually Forget To Be Thankful For". 

Here is my example:
After Dinner 

It's titled 'After Dinner' because after dinner, when it's time to clean up, I typically am tired and I forget to be thankful that I have dirty dishes to wash. I just want to turn in for the evening and go browse on Flickr or Pinterest.  I should always remember, though,  that I have those dishes to do because my family is blessed enough to have just enjoyed a nice dinner. So many others so hungry while mine is well cared for and that should never be taken for granted.... even at dish time. 

Please post your submissions to the group pool of the flickr group and also a link to them in the Challenge Thread.
I'll post the winner on 11.19.11.   Enjoy your week! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful outlook. You are so right. We tend to take so much for granted. No matter how bad our life situation gets, there is always thousands of people who would trade places in a second. Love is all we need to enjoy life.


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